About Our Images

All images on this site can be purchased. Prices vary according to type of presentation and size. Type of presentation refers to whether the images are finished with matte or glossy surface and how they are mounted. Images can be presented on Lightjet material, traditional fine art paper, canvas, various metals, and ceramic tile. Different types of frames are available. Often times, the images are center mounted on plexiglass with a polished beveled edge for a very dramatic look.

The images generally are created directly on a Macintosh computer and may involve scanned images which are then manipulated for the final creative expression. They most frequently are output using the Lightjet process which results in archival quality images with extensive color purity and range. Each image is limited to a total output of 250 prints in each of three size categories. John also take’s commissions and will be happy to work with customers on generating creative ideas for your own unique pictures. As you can see from this web site John creates images in different categories and will be producing work in the future that reflects his interest in other sports as well as music related events.